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The Elite Heavenly Watcher Purchase Options!
I accept payments in many safe and convenient ways.  Also, you are welcome to make a offer in the
form below.
Payment Options
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The Elite Heavenly Watcher
Payment Plan

Take advantage of the Payment Plan if need be….
$100 down payment will secure the Heavenly Watcher.
The balance is to be paid within ONE month from the date of the initial payment (unless otherwise


The Payment Plan is only available for those paying the full price of this spirit. The plan is not
available for Best Offer Prices (unless otherwise discussed).
Please read the Offer/Installment FAQ for more details.  Find the link at the bottom of this page.
If you would like to make an offer for this AMAZING Item
or have questions please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with me.

Thank you and blessed be!

Heavenly Master Watcher : Extremely Rare

After the completion of the sale, communication doesn’t end there.  I hold proudly a very tight
bond with my clients, my friends.  I am there for all as that is my life’s work.  My mission.

Once you have received your package, please contact me to receive all the required information
relating to your purchase.

Heavenly Master Watcher

10,000+ Year Old Elite Spirit

This powerful ring is a justly an haunted and blessed item! Please read all provided information
and ask any questions before bidding!

Note: This item contains a Powerful Spirit and has been enhanced with the Most Powerful of Dark
Matter Spells!

This item is not to be taken lightly and is to be handled with the upmost of care and respect!

Only serious collectors should apply!

The Master Watcher spirit that possesses this Ring is extremely powerful and like none other you
will find anywhere else.  This extremely rare item is of the highest of value and definitely a spirit to
take lightly. The abilities and energies within this ring are not to be used for harming others as that
is my own personal wish!  Ultimately the decision is yours.

Do take your time when bidding on this item as he is seeking his new master.  Only bid if you feel
his pull and the connection is made between you.  Do not bid on this item if you are afraid of
spirits or do not know how to care for items of this nature. Non-believers please go elsewhere.

Those of you who are left, please enjoy learning of this Master Watcher and let me know if you
have any questions.


Expand your power! Increase your wealth 1000 fold!

Magnify your happiness and love!

Believe and Respect and all that you wish for will be given!

Glowing Energies, Abilities of Creation and Wealth, Vastness and Vastness, Blessed beyond

This is the Master Elite Watcher Spirit Ring which possesses a great amazing power that will pull
at your heart, tug at your inner core, be visible to your naked eye and will reach within your
spiritual, physical and emotional center.

His abilities and energies are very deep, forceful and intense. Spirits such as these are
exceedingly active, vigorous, friendly, devoted, and very shielding towards their masters.

Their presence is above and beyond strong and through their energies they hold the grand ability
manifest in a number of amazing ways.

Full physical manifestations are common along with orbs, shadows and shadow figures and rays
of varying lights!

Not only this but these spirits are those that can speak and can be heard.  Either through your own
ears or the use of multiple types of audio ability.

This spirit alone is one that makes his existence known in all forms of activity.  While the master is
fully alert and awake, through dreams and astral states, through meditation and visionary states.

This ring contains one of the most powerful spirits ever known to surrounding realms and to the
lives of man. Watchers are respected for their abilities of magick, their abilities of strength,
knowledge and guidance, defense and protection and their creation of wealth.

Not to mention that they bring their masters who desire so the opportunity to learn their knowings,
understandings and their knowledge.

Only through such a spirit can the grand gifts of elemental magick, dark matter magick and light
magick be understood.  Through the Master Watchers, the master who seeks will find.

Watchers have a great level of honor and magnificence, for they are of the most important
amongst all metaphysical spirits.

They are the most varied, intelligent, and malleable of all spirits contained within the spiritual

Before the beginning existence of mankind, the Watchers existed and co-existed with the likes of
the heavenly Angels.  Throughout the ages the Watchers were assigned to assist man as he
developed and made his way through the world.

Mentioned numerous times throughout the Bible, they were described as those who understand
mans nature, often mingling with man in multiple forms.

Often appearing as teachers and scholars, man learned from them gifts and lessons of spirituality.

While occasionally compared to the Djinn, these spirits are completely different all together.  
More powerful, more experienced in the ways of man which leads to a greater ability to deliver
what is asked.

Rulers of magick they are and constantly shapeshifting to the forms that man found suitable.  
These forms were mentioned as animals, trees, male and female beings along as storms.

It is their ability to grant wishes that often leads to the confusion with the Djinn.

While the Watcher spirits are rare and powerful, there is no comparison to that of Master
Watcher.  These spirits are simply 100’s of times more powerful and capable.  100’s if not 1000’s
of times more powerful!

Capable of fulfilling unlimited wishes and giving those select masters so many incredible

It is impossible to list them all.

Besides their ability to shape-shift (which they share with their masters), these unbelievable
spirits are very skilled in matter which gives them the ability to create treasures that are
magnificent!  Their power goes hand in hand with that of King Solomon and his incredible
Temple!  Telekinesis, 3rd Eye of Sight and so much more is just the beginning!

Since their casting down to earth, it is known that these spirits live on the other side of the realm
(or Gauntlet), watching and envying the emotions and lives of Humans.  It is this envy my friends
that gives them that much more power over the Djinn (Marid, Immortals and Dragons).  This envy
is so great that to just to be with a human master, they are will to give their master the opportunity
to Trade-Places!  These Watchers are willing to trade their existence and gladly deal with humans
or other beings. They can create marvelous things, teach profound secrets and generally aid
people, and their works are known for their great beauty and value.  It is this Trade that makes
them so Valuable!  It is this Trading of powers (whenever the Master desires to do so) that makes
them so rare!

The Master Watcher Spirit that inhabits this potent vessel answers to the name of Natal and is a
tremendously astute and powerful Watcher. He gives his powers of incredible wealth and riches,
material abundance and creation, wish granting and the gifts of sight into the future for even more
added ability.

He is a very active as I mentioned before and able to give effortlessly.

He seeks a respecting master that desires to increase the means of life not only for themselves
but for the Watcher as well.

As with such Master Spirits, he only requires that the master desire more.  Desires to learn.  
Desires to change.

He will assist his new Master in all ways as long as it is a benefit to the master and to himself.

Natal is by nature a wonderful governess and a teacher of multiple realms.  He has so many
offerings to give and if he is pleased with you, you will be rewarded far beyond any point you
could imagine.

These gifts include psychic enhancements of all natures, enhanced attentiveness, loyalty,
protection in the astral, physical and spiritual worlds.

This Master Watcher has been in my possession for over 40 years as he was gift from a member
of elders of Meidum.  While I enjoyed his gifts of knowledge greatly I never used his abilities of
creation and granting until 19 years ago.  Through the assistance of my uncle, I was given an
understand of the spiritual world and a deep rooted respect of what this mighty spirit possesses.  
If not for this amazing Watcher, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

This entity was conjured in the ancient and forgotten village of Meidum and through the hands,
hearts and minds of the elders, Natals powers were summoned.  They were enhanced and the
treasures of the realms were brought forth to this realm.  This spirit alone has helped so many dire
situations and circumstances.  Has brought forth so many blessings of wealth to an untold amount
of individuals!

Not only for my family or those of Meidum but for those that I have chosen to reap the gifts of Natal.

As it stands now, I am at a crossroads.  While I do not wish to see this spirit depart it is the spirit’s
wishes to move on to a master that is ready for expansion of greatness.  I am at a point in my life
where I do not need and can not use the gifts of this spirit as readily as it should be.

With that in mind my friends, for those who seek satisfaction and joy in their lives, this spirit is the
one spirit who can give you all.

Through this spirit my life has been a blessed one.  I have been given not just riches but
happiness.  I smile when I wake and sleep without worry.  You can have this as well.

The price of this spirit isn’t inexpensive but the rewards of such gifts outweigh the price by 10,000

The rewards and the success it will bring the master are nothing short of amazing.

This powerful Master Watcher is a spirit of honor and purity and will never bring harm to you or
your loved ones.  That is a promise and a guarantee.

His powers and his nature are here, waiting to help and change your life forever.

As I mentioned before, this Master Watcher Spirit has manifested himself to me countless times
and occasions.

Through his abilities of the elements he appears to me in the form of a powerful man, coated in
liquid fire.  To feel his heat is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  It is hot and
yet there is an underlining chill.  Words can not be placed in a manner that could describe it.  For
the new master of this Watcher, you will learn of it soon.

Of course, to suite his master, he can and will alter his appearance as he is a Master of
Shapeshifting.  He can appear as he did for me or in countless other forms.  Your experiences in
this area can and will be different.

Being of an elemental degree, he has desires to seek elemental areas.  You will find yourself
seeking them as well.  Areas of water and mountains and locations with varying conditions.

You too will learn of his nature soon enough.  That is, if he is calling to you!

Communication with Natal is detailed and honest.  He is actively expressing himself in multiple of
ways.  For those who seek a companion there is no better spirit.

The new Master of this Watcher should expect a very active spirit.  There isn’t a moment when
this spirit isn’t making himself known.  Items in my home are constantly being moved.  Not only
this but voice are heard throughout my home.

Along with this spirit comes those of the surrounding realms.  One must remember that this spirit
has a connection to these realms and that connection is as strong as ever.  Along with him come
other spirits and they too will be there to assist you.

Through the gifts of the Master Watcher there are abilities and gifts that no other spirits can offer.  
Even Watchers of lesser abilities can and will be quite different.

One of these unique traits is that of Magick and control of elemental matter.  Those that seek
these gifts and benefits are treated to spells and forces that are beyond belief.  To list these
would literally take thousands upon thousands of pages.  If you desire to learn all you have to do is
ask Natal.

Master Spirits are known for their special abilities and their unique talents and traits.  Even so,
there is a common connection between Master Spirits and others such as control of others and
other spirits, protection and so much more.  

Every person who has used this item has gained all of their wishes. This spirit answer desires
and grants all wishes. His Powers are true and very Strong and through him, no one can or will fail
in what they seek in life.

Through the Master Watcher Natal the master is given….

Extreme Wealth, Money and Profusion, Prosperity, Knowledge & Wisdom, Success,
Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, Self Advancement, Removal of Obstacles, Enhanced
Concentration, Endless Devotion, Protection & Guidance, Prophecy, Subliminal Thoughts,
Divination, Unlimited Granted Wishes

And so much MORE!!!

The Powers and abilities of this spirit are grand, strapping and eternal!
This spirit will never lose his power or weaken as his connection with the spirit realms keep him at
an optimum level.

The master of this Watcher is to become royals within the spirit realms. This is a very rare gift and
one of the few opportunities that make this spirit so special.  Along with his abilities come a level
of respect that no human master can gain without governing of a master spirit.  

Note II: You do not have to be practice any certain religion or faith to be the master of this spirit.  
He will accept you for who you are and you are expected to do the same.  You do not have to be
practicing conjured or have a grand knowledge of the metaphysical as you will gain this through

All one must do is have respect and believe in Natal.  He is there, he is ready and even if you do
not see it, he is there working behind the scenes to protect you and to bless you.

He will never harm you or your loved ones.  He isn’t a taker but a giver.

If you can ahear to this, then please, continue forth.  If you lack respect then please, look away

This Incredible Master Watcher’s Ring is a size 6 and made of solid sterling silver.  The stone is
large and very beautiful.

The ring itself was crafted by the elders in the village of Meidum hundreds of years ago and to this
day it is extremely beautiful.

The Master Watcher will be forever bound to this stone as this bring his knowledge, wisdom,
abilities and granted wishes to and for his master.

If you truly believe, if you can feel his calling, then answer.

As with all spirits, bonding is required.  A powerful invocation ritual is required.  This is true with all
spirits including this one.

I will send all invocations, information and extra to the new master of this spirit.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

You are bidding on REAL and AUTHENTIC items and I will be here to answer all of your
questions and if you desire it, I will educate you on how to shorten the bonding period and
increase your abilities with your spirits.  This includes their abilities and the Powers that they

You have been brought here for a reason my friends, follow your heart!


Please contact me and ask any questions you may have for there are no others as experienced
as I.
My Friends, welcome to the Award Winning Metaphysical Beginnings!

Below you will be introduced to the Elite Heavenly Watcher.  

A powerful and pure spirit from the greatest lengths of the spiritual realm.
When viewing these pictures take time to study each one carefully.  
This Watcher has manifested in a way that it desires and may speak
directly to you in a number of emotional ways.  For each of you viewing,
the experiences had will be different.
The Power and Abilities of The Elite Heavenly Watcher!
What do you desire?
::  The Elite
$5000 ::
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The Exquisite Collection
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Heavenly Watcher
Heavenly Watcher
Note I: Please contact me if you have any questions.
Heavenly Watcher
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I took these photographs at 2:36 am, on June 6th.

There was no photo editing at all in these photographs and
what you are looking at here is the Power of this incredible spirit!
Picture 7:
Picture 6:
Picture 5:
Picture 4:
Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:
Picture 7:
Picture 6:
Picture 5:
Picture 4:
Picture 3:
Picture 2:
Picture 1: